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What if you could reduce your fuel costs by 30% and increase your safety levels?

As was ably demonstrated by Jeremy Clarkson when he proved that a BMW M3 was more fuel efficient than a Toyota Prius as he raced the two vehicles around the Top Gear track "Its not what you drive its how you drive" and the saving can be as much as 30%.

The simple fact is that driving fast, whilst it might be a lot of fun, doesnt actually get you, or your drivers, anywhere any quicker and is incredibly inefficient. You must have noticed how the old lady that was doing 45 mph when you passed her at 95 mph 3 miles back pulls up right next to you at the next set of traffic lights, and every set of traffic lights for the entire journey?

There are a number of benefits to having environmentally friendly trained drivers including:

  • reduced fuel costs
  • reduced wear and tear costs
  • accident prevention

There are huge efficiencies to be achieved by making small changes to driving behaviour, including: accelerating less aggressively, relying on the brakes less, redusing top speeds, driving more smoothly, improving gear selction, closing the windows, going easy on cold engines, not using aircon, laying off the brakes and avoiding bad roads.

Improving efficiencies through driver behaviour depends on your ability to motivate your staff and incentivise them to take responsibility for the efficiency that they achieve which will depend on your ability to monitor their driving performance

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